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Treatment includes (but is not limited to):

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  • Applying recovery skills
  • Practicing relapse prevention
  • Improving emotional functioning
  • Taking personal responsibility for health and wellness
  • Counseling and case management is focused on slow integration into work, education, social and/or family environments over a period of two to five months. The length of stay in our programs is modified as needed based on each client’s individualized treatment needs.

Our flexible, yet structured recovery environment, which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, and 52 weeks of the year, provide the level of stability required to support the goal of abstinence while acquiring the skills for a healthy recovery lifestyle.

Additional services provided include individual, group and family counseling, Telemedicine services when indicated, psychoeducational and self-help groups, medication monitoring and education, Life Skills sessions and GED classes.

Life Skills:

We encourage all patients to attend Life skills class. The Life Skills class within the PH Center program provides the opportunity for individuals to develop essential skills needed to successfully transition into the community. Participants create an individualized plan that identifies supports they would like to work towards. Individuals have many opportunities to volunteer in the community, strengthen their after-care plans, and learn about resources that allow for future development. Some focused activities include budgeting, resume building, online job searches, utilizing employment enhancing resources (Maryland Workforce Exchange and Western Maryland Consortium), housing supports, educational programs with financial aid supports, and social service resources. As individuals transition, they go into the community with the knowledge resources and supports that will provide the additional structure needed to allow them success in everyday life.


We encourage any patient who does not have their GED or High School diploma to take GED classes while in treatment. We offer GED classes for patients who do not have one or who just need tutoring in a particular area. The next GED class start date TBD.