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“Recovery is an ongoing process, for both the addict and his or her family. In recovery there is hope. And hope is a wonderful thing.” – Dean Dauphinais

Following addiction detox or primary residential inpatient addiction treatment or drug rehab, sober living is the best way to ensure long-term sobriety.

At times, the challenges of life can be daunting for anyone. How these challenges are handled or avoided can be a trigger for relapse. Environment can be the key to long-term sobriety whether one is new to recovery or just coming back from a relapse. Learning to live in recovery is not something that occurs overnight or in the treatment facility after (30) days. It is a way for life that usually requires a strong support system for those in recovery.

According to a study, originally published by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (2010), clients who lived in sober living homes had better outcomes 3 years after completing a treatment program when they surrounded themselves with large numbers of recovering addicts. A safe, secure, supervised and supportive community environment provides men and women clean and sober the opportunity to engage personal responsibilities, obligations, and support in a way that may never have been present previously in the user’s life.

Recovery is more than detox and entering treatment. Many people need help to tackle such things as showing up for work on a daily basis, showing up for commitments on time, timely program fee payments, or showing up for others.

In a quality sober community for men and women, such as PH Center For Behavioral Health, supervision and structure combined with the 12 Step Principles provide a framework for living. Without a strong structure and cohesive approach to daily living, a newly sober addict runs the risk of getting overwhelmed by the smallest demands.

The concept of a sober community develops the addict’s sense of belonging to a healthy network of individuals and demonstrates daily that sobriety is possible. PH Center For Behavioral Health provides men and women with the life skills necessary for long-term recovery and a new sense of living a healthy, enjoyable life as a sober and clean man or woman.

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